10 Fun Personal Fathers Day Gifts

By Karen Pollock

Fathers Day is coming! (Sunday 7th of September 2014)

10 Fun Personalised Fathers Day Gifts

10 Fun Personalised Fathers Day Gifts

If you are like me, you are starting to panic because you want a personal gift that reflects how awesome the Dad in your life is, but you aren’t creative, artsy or clever AND your brain melts at the thought of C-R-A-F-T.  Personal doesn’t have to mean home-made, it just means that the gift is something they would love – personally!

Here are 10 fun gifts available online that might be personal for the special Dad in your life:

1.  Personalised Gift Certificates – YES THIS IS POSSIBLE – choose something that he would never think to do for himself but that he would love.  It will show that you have really thought about it!  Eg. White Water Rafting certificates at Penrith White Water Rafting Stadium.  You can go along and watch/video and then everyone can go for lunch afterwards!!

2. Gadgets – some gadgets are greeted with a “what will I ever use this for” grimace and sit in the cupboard forever. HOWEVER, if you think about the person you are buying for, you may end up with a fun gadget that actually gets used.  Eg. This Wireless Key Finder for the man who is always losing his keys!

3. Tech Savvy Dad – Make it personal – Eg. Get him Wireless Speakers for his phone so that he can share his music with the Fam!  Everyone loves a Saturday morning dance performance by the 3 year old in your life!

4. Sports Dad – Find a sports event near you and send him along.  Depending on your family style, either involve other friends and send all the blokes along together, or make it a family day. It doesn’t have to be his favourite sport either – try something different – speed boat races, ice hockey, greyhounds!

5. Charity Dad – If the dad in your life is a generous giving soul, find a special fathers day charity for him – Such as this campaign from Maf.org.au – Fill a Jerry Can of fuel or a toolbox with tools to keep a lifesaving ambulance plane operating in Sudan.

6. Funny Dad – Does he make you laugh every day? Return the favour with a funny gift like this Poo Pourri spray “Make your poop not stink”!

7. Cool Dad – book you and a few other families into the local (family friendly) bowling club for a round of barefoot bowls.  Your man gets to have a few beers and to quench his competitive spirit, while you and kids can join in and soak up the sunshine!8.  Working Dad – does the dad in your life work hard?  Treat him with a gourmet meal delivered to his workplace in the week before Fathers Day.  Try something Dad-friendly like a feast from pizzacapers.com.au or something similar in your area.

8.  Personalised – Not the normal personalised mug or mouse pad, try a different and more Dad-friendly personalised gift such as this Personalised Giant Beer Glass.

9. Time – This one doesn’t cost a dime – give him a hand written “pass” for the time that he craves the most: a night out with the boys, a backyard BBQ with cricket game, a romantic dinner with his love or 2 hours uninterrupted to watch the footy.

10. Awesome Dad – Yes, you knew there had to be a shameless plug for our stuff in here! A recordable stubby holder is an Awesome Father’s Day gift – record a message from the kids and each time that Dad puts a drink in his stubby holder your personal message will play!  We have several Dad designs in our gift shop.

What is your plan for Fathers Day?


Karen Pollock is the owner/operator of Stubby Sounds, and the creator of the recordable stubby holder!


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